Welcome to the virtual home of

Kingdom Life Ministries of Darlington  

It is our earnest prayer that this website blesses you and cause you to  desire a more intimate relationship
with Christ!

God LOVES you. We LOVE you. We sincerely pray that you LOVE us too. Romans 3:8 says that Christ loved us
while we were yet sinners. Even after Christ has saved us from eternal damnation we still have our
shortcomings and failures. In spite of our sins, God STILL LOVES US and continues patiently to help us
overcome our sins. This is the type of fellowship you will experience at Kingdom Life Ministries of Darlington.
We would love for you to help us make our church an even greater fellowship of love

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to build the family of God by teaching them to follow Jesus through worship,
evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, and ministry. We believe, being led by God, our mission is
to teach each individual in the body of Christ their position in God's family, to God, to
themselves, and to one another.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for prayer and agreement!
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Sermon Title: D.U.I. Part 3
Service Times
7:00 PM    Thursdays                               Pastoral Teaching
8:00 AM                                                  Prayer
9:00 AM                                                  School of the Prophets
10:00 AM                                                Morning Glory Service
Corporate Prayer Schedule
6:00 AM                                Daily
6:00 PM                                Wednesday & Thursday
109 Langston Road ~ Post Office Box 538 ~ Darlington, SC 29532 ~ admin@kingdomlifeministry.net